PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Tomato concentrate for human consumption and industrial use.


a) Powdered (Plastic sachet)
b) In paste (plastic envelope, metal can, plastic drum)

3. ORIGIN: Asia (China) & Europe (Spain, Turkey, Ukraine)

4. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Concentrated 28% – 30% brix

5. BRAND: Producer or customized according to production possibilities.


a) Retail & human consumption powder format: Plastic bag 40 gr, 50 gr, 70 gr
b) Retail & human consumption pasta format: 80 gr, 140 gr, 198 gr, 210 gr, 400 gr, 800 gr, 850 gr, 1 kg, 2.2 kg, 3 kg, 4.5 kg, 5 kg. 5 kg
c) Bulk sale for human consumption and industrial use: 200 LT plastic drum.
d) Other special presentation formats that can be met on demand

7. LOADING FORMAT: 20 cubic feet container containing the following quantity of merchandise

a) 4,600 boxes containing 100 sachets of 40 gr
b) 3,500 boxes containing 100 sachets of 50 gr
c) 4,600 boxes containing 50 sachets of 70 gr
d) 4,780 boxes containing 50 jars of 70 gr
e) 1,800 boxes containing 24 jars of 210 gr
f) 2,089 boxes containing 12 jars of 400 gr
g) 2,100 boxes containing 12 jars of 800 gr
h) 1,650 boxes containing 12 units of 1 kg
i) 1,700 boxes containing 6 cans of 2.2 kg (Possible to load an additional 6 cans of 700 gr in each box)
j) 1,092 boxes containing 6 cans of 3 kg
k) 755 boxes containing 6 cans of 4.5 kg
l) 80 plastic drums containing 200 lt each (235 – 245 kg)

8. DELIVERY PERIOD: Within 15 – 20 days after confirmation of purchase order and completion of agreed payment terms.


10. PRICES: According to market price updates


to. Bill of Lading (B/L)
b. Commercial invoice
c. Packing List
c. Certificate of origin
d. Sanitary and/or phytosanitary certificate
d. Certificate of weight and/or quality in case of requirement by the client (Cost not included in quoted prices)


to. Advance of 30% – 50% of the value of the purchase order and remaining balance against presentation of export documents

b. Irrevocable documentary credit payable 60 days from the date of shipment.

c. Deferred payment 60 days from the date of shipment in case commercial risk coverage is granted by a first-ranking insurer such as COFACE or similar.

13. IMPORTANT NOTE: The quoted prices have a limited validity, so before confirming any purchase order they must be updated.