1. DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCT: Vegetable oils for human comsuption and industrial use


a) Refined sunflower oil for human comsuption and unrefined sunflower oil for industrial use
b) Olive oil in different qualities: Olive, virgin, extra-virging, and pomace blending
c) Unrefined rapessed oil for industrial use
d) Refined palm oil CP-8 & CP-10 types for human comsuption and crude palm oil for industrial use

3. ORIGIN: Spain & Europe (Ukraine, Turkey) for the case of first three items and Indonesia & Malaysia for the case of last item

4. SPECIFICATIONS: According each type of product

5. BRAND: Producer or private according factory possibilities


a) For retail & human consumption oils: PET bottle of 1 lt, 2 lt, 3 lt, 5 lt, 10 lt, tin can of 15 lt & 18 lt, and plastic jerrycan of 20 lt & 25 lt
b) For bulk cargo of human compsuption oils and industrial use oils: Flexi-tank container

7. LOADING FORMAT: 20´ or 40´ container containing following average quantity of goods

a) 1.440 cartons containing 12 – 15 units of 1 lt for a total of 21.600 units
b) 1.280 cartons containing 8 units of 2 lt for a total of 10.240 units
c) 1.152 cartons containing 6 units of 3 lt for a total of 6.912 units
d) 1.408 cartons containing 3 units of 5 lt for a total of 4.224 units
e) 1.088 cartons containing 2 units of 10 lt for a total of 2.176 units
f) 1.955 units of 15 lt
g) 1.610 units of 18 lt
h) 1.320 units of 20 lt
i) 1.084 units of 25 lt
j) 24 MT of product loaded in flexi-tank for the case of bulk cargos

8. DELIVERY DELAY: Within following 15 – 20 days after receipt of order confirmation and settlement of payment terms agreed


10. PRICE: According current market rates


a. Bill of lading (B/L)
b. Commercial invoice
c. Packing list
d. Origin certificate
e. Sanitary certificate
f. Quality and/or quantity certificate in case of been requested by client (Cost not included in quotations)


a. Prepayment of 30% – 50% of order value and balance against presentation of shipment documentation)

b. Irrevocable letter of credit payable at 60 days of shipment date

c. Deferred payment at 60 days of shipment date in case that´s granted a commercial risk coverage for a prime rated insurer like COFACE or similar

13. IMPORTANT NOTE: Rates quoted have a limited validity so must request update of them before confirmation of any purchase order